To All the Boys I've Loved

by Marty




I guess Bobby was my first love

Though I didn't know it at the time

Making discoveries together

When I was eight and he was nine.


At twelve I fell in love for real

When David showed me the wonders of wanks

He wasn't really all that good looking

But I still owe him thousands of thanks.


Two years later a friend's little brother

Hearing-aid - just starting his teens

Didn't just teach me sign language

But also what love really means.


Then Patrick stole my heart away

With his freckles and flaming red hair

Fifteen years old - so considerate

He was the first one to teach me to care.


Till Peter with abandonment

Gave me passion and burning desire

A part of me died forever

When he lost his life in a fire.


But Jimmy came to my rescue

Mick Jagger lips - hair blond and soft

Gave me a reason to live again

That summerís day up in the loft.


Sam - also blond - bum to die for

Made my twenties a decade of calm

Weíd probably be still climbing mountains

Had I not bought this faraway farm.


Brian kept me sane in my thirties

And he'll always be my best mate

Married now - two wonderful kids

Simply said he wants to be straight.


And I thought Carl might be the one

As he pounded away at my cleft

Him user, abuser - me the loser

Three months - he said ďthanksĒ - then just left.


All those quickies and the one-nighters

I suppose I also should mention

There wasnít a whole lot of love involved

But they sure helped get rid of some tension.


So now I sit and remember

All alone and currently single

But sometimes I still meet a guy

Who can make my body quite tingle.


So to all the boys I've loved

And to all the boys Iíve lost

I give you thanks for the good times

It wouldnít do to start counting the cost.


And if you remember me with a smile

Or at least you donít grimace with pain

I can go to my grave with this thought

That my life wasn't completely in vain.


But before I don the pine overcoat

And they lay me to rest in the ground

I intend to have lots more fun yet

Enjoying lifeís merry-go-round.


So as I merrily go on my way

And I dance in the clubs and the bars

If I donít meet my partner for life

Iíll enjoy myself - getting more scars.